David Handy adding the southern flavor!

Coming from a long line of great southern cooks, David the owner of Handy's Smoke House Meats, learned the art of smoking meat from his father, who was a chef in the military. 

Over the past 30 years, David has mastered the art of smoking meat, poultry, fish and a host of other tasty treats using special fruit flavored woods.

David has created his own special rubs and sauces, which are a mouth watering toss up of tropical sweet and southern spice all wrapped up into one savory bite.  David uses a state of the art smoker which smokes the meat for hours and serves to hold in the flavor while at the same time creating moist, fall off the bone chicken, rib, ham, brisket, pork, roast, salmon, or whatever your pleasure might be.

4149 Long beach blvd., long beach, ca 90807
teL: (562) 424-8300 • (562) 424-8344